Founder and President, Richard Valentine, P.E. established Advantage Engineering Technologies in 2003.


We utilize Building Information Modeling (3D BIM) to represent the entire building, including the MEP services.

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This is What We Do

Advantage Engineering Technologies provides engineering services including Shop Fabrication/Coordination Drawings, Design-Build and Design-Assist Projects and Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Shop/Coordination Drawings

Coordination Drawings are now a vital part in almost any construction project in today’s world, large or small. Coordination drawings are a collection of blueprints of several construction trades that we compile into one composite drawing in order to avoid potential conflicts during installation.

Design-Build & Design-Assist Projects

We save owners time and money by teaming up with local contractors to deliver design-build projects faster and more affordably. Our quality HVAC specialists work with our mechanical design engineers, plumbing engineers, and electrical engineering specialists.

Pipe Fabrication Drawings

We create Pipe Fabrication Drawings for Mechanical Piping projects. This allows you to pre-cut and pre-fabricate your piping in your shop and bring it on the job site ready to install in the field.

Advantage Engineering

Richard A. Valentine, P.E.


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