We utilize Building Information Modeling (3D BIM) to represent the entire building, including the MEP services, in a 3-Dimensional digital model. This allows us to identify and eliminate all conflicts between the MEP services before the building is even built and before any services are installed. This advanced coordination process saves you countless man-hours, schedule time, and money.

Our 3D software helps us to be more creative by visualizing all three dimensions, width, height and depth, instead of the traditional way of doing work in two dimensions (2D drawings). We can extract different views of a building model, and we produce a variety of sections and isometric views for your installers.

You can also use it to provide automated cost estimates and perform tasks such as material tracking and ordering. We allocate attributes to each component so you can easily select them and order routine items. We can also offer the ability for owners to plan their routine Preventative Maintenance (PM) programs so they can extend and maximize the life span of the equipment in which they have invested significantly.

We are changing how buildings, MEP drawings, and utilities are planned, designed, built, and managed through our use of Building Information Modeling (BIM). We turn ordinary MEP objects into insightful information and deliver value for your business during every step of this BIM process. Our BIM models will help you in automatic generation of drawings and reports, schedule simulation, facility management, design analysis, and much more. Our mastery of BIM encompasses the enter lifecycle of the building and its infrastructure, and therefore is a highly beneficial option for your business.

Shop/Coordination Drawings

Coordination Drawings are now a vital part in almost any construction project in today’s world, large or small. Coordination drawings are a collection of blueprints of several construction trades that we compile into one composite drawing in order to avoid potential conflicts during installation. Construction requires several different components, such as ductwork, plumbing, mechanical piping, electrical wiring, equipment, installation of raceways, etc.

We then provide a set of 2D shop drawings for your installers to work with in the field. This will also make the Project Engineer’s work easier, as it will translate into fast turnover times, a reduced rate of problems, and less RFI’s to deal with during install. You can rest on the fact that these MEP (Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing) Drawings are saving you from undesired hassles!

Our coordination drawings show the installed ductwork and piping with horizontal and vertical dimensions to avoid interference with structural framing, ceilings, partitions, equipment, lights, mechanical, fire protection, electrical and other services. These services often conflict with each other, and that will cost you time and money to resolve in the field. Therefore, we resolve them prior to installation, saving you resources, schedule time and money.

Design-Build & Design-Assist Projects

We save owners time and money by teaming up with local contractors to deliver design-build projects faster and more affordably. Our quality HVAC specialists work with our mechanical design engineers, plumbing engineers, and electrical engineering specialists. These “MEP” designers create plans and specifications for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

We make buildings comfortable, efficient and sustainable throughout their lifecycle. HVAC systems often use the most energy of any other system in a building. They also account for a great deal of user satisfaction with a building through temperature control and air quality.

Good quality design results in cost savings during construction and during the building’s operational lifetime. Design decisions are complex and balance many different concerns, codes and physical factors. Talented designers must account for the totality of the building’s adaptability and suitability for human use.

Sometimes HVAC design includes creating plumbing and pipe drawings, ductwork drawings, and other diagrams of the building systems. We combine these blueprints into MEP composite coordination drawings, ensuring none of the building systems interfere with each other.

Designers use sophisticated computer systems called CAD (computer aided drafting) to create their ductwork drawings, pipe drawings and other mechanical drawings. Our talented HVAC and MEP designers are able to utilize their computers to estimate costs, create work and installation schedules, and determine the necessary sizes and designs of HVAC and MEP systems. These talents require significant amounts of education, training and experience, all of which we possess at Advantage Engineering.

Pipe Fabrication Drawings

We create Pipe Fabrication Drawings for Mechanical Piping projects. This allows you to pre-cut and pre-fabricate your piping in your shop and bring it on the job site ready to install in the field. This saves countless hours of installation time, and provides a detailed plan where each piece is numbered in order to simplify the assembly of the entire system. It also forces all the issues to be worked out while the drawings are created so you have less confusion and questions from the installers in the field during execution.

The sample shown here is one we recently completed which has saved the installing contractor a lot of money, and allowed them to turn a good profit on a job that was looking like another low-margin venture. Upon our review, please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like a quote on any projects.

Product Design, Modeling and Structural Analysis (FEA)

Structural Analysis (FEA)

Product Design

Design Automation

3D Modeling and Drafting

Detail Designing

Engineering Analysis


Design Support

CAD Customization / Automation

We are your CAD Customization experts.

We offer customized solutions on various CAD software Packages, and we have extensive experience in the following domains.

Industry expertise:

  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Ship Building
  • Oil and Gas
  • Consumer Products

We can also solve your CAD automation issues. We are experts in:

  • Solid Works
  • Revit
  • AutoCAD
  • Map Cad Drawings