Structural Analysis

Structural Analysis

Structural engineers use structural analysis to ensure we design buildings to withstand the loads and stresses placed on their materials and components. This specialty combines expertise in materials sciences, applied mathematics and mechanics to create structures that are safe to build and use.

“Live loads” include things like wind, snow and other varying weights that impact the planned building. Structural drafters assist structural engineers by creating blueprints and technical drawings that focus on the support system or skeleton of the building. These drawings show contractors every detail for constructing the project, and they are essential for attaining permits to build.

Structural Modeling & Detailing



The results of a well-done structural engineering drawings analysis verify that a building is safe to use. They also save the time and expense of conducting physical tests. Building designers take the dimensions of the planned construction and determine what loads it must bear. Structural simulation software is used to determine component products’ strength, stiffness and other qualities. The process answers questions about how these building parts react under stress or deformation from a variety of causes.


Engineering Analysis-AET


The engineering team develops structural engineering drawings showing the foundation systems, building supports and other components necessary to ensure safety and strength of the project. Structural drafting is added to the mix to ensure dimensions and materials are correct and provided to the necessary shop fabricators. Structural simulations give designers, engineers and customers a 3-dimensional look at the entirety of the project without the need for expensive prototypes or repairing failed portions of a project.

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